Jaci Springfield

Paint Color Specialist

My intent in selecting beautiful paint colors is to affect the quality of people’s lives … whether it’s an office they look forward to going to, a kitchen that makes their heart soar, (as one client said), or a store like Geppetto’s that’s charming to both kids and their parents.




The impact of having just the right paint colors is extremely powerful and immediately influences how you feel about a space. And changing the paint colors is the least expensive thing you can do to dramatically alter an environment without going through the time and expensive of doing an entire remodel! 

Visit my architectural interior design website at www.springfielddesign.com to see a complete portfolio of my projects.

Color Impact

With 42 years of architectural and interior design experience in both commercial and residential projects, I’ve selected paint colors for EVERY possible project type, large or small. This includes homes, retail stores, restaurants, veterinary hospitals, tasting rooms, medical, offices, banks, hotels and even huge government buildings.  I have extensive experience with every type of design style, budget range and project size and I comfortably work within any of these arenas.