For most people, selecting paint colors is a completely frustrating and overwhelming experience. They pick out some paint chips, maybe buy a few quarts of test colors to put on the wall, or ask a friend what color they used.  Some take advice from a friend, a design magazine or just go with what the paint store employee recommends.

What looks fantastic in a friend’s place might not work at all in yours. A lot of people get home with their samples, paint swatches on the wall and are still confused. Then it’s back to the store, back online or a quick trip to that friend whose living room they adore.


After doing this a few times, that’s when they call in a professional!

There are a lot of reasons but the biggest is lighting. The light in your average paint store is no where near the actual light in your home or office.  Fluorescent, LED or metal halide lights at paint stores can completely change a color and when you put it up on a wall, it looks dramatically different.

You also need to take into account how much natural light you have in the space and where does it come from, north, south, east or west. And morning light is so much different than midday which is completely different from twilight.  At night, rooms can take on a completely different look and feel when you are relying only on artificial light. Also important when choosing paint colors are ceiling heights, flooring materials, furnishings and the types of artificial lighting you use.

This is why choosing the perfect paint color is so important…the color needs to work in every setting.

To save your sanity! You’d be surprised at how many people are at the end of their rope when they call me.  Choosing the right paint color can transform a space and how you feel about your environment.  As a professional design consultant I have the trained eye to bring all the elements together to create the perfect space.


I have 35 years of architectural and interior design designing both commercial and residential spaces. My experience includes projects with the Hotel Del, the San Diego Zoo, LegoLand, doctor’s offices, retail stores, restaurants, tasting rooms, veterinary hospitals and a diverse portfolio of custom homes and condos.  Over the years, I have perfected the art of selecting just the right colors to match each client’s individual lifestyle and aesthetic to create a mood or transform a space.


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