Fallbrook Contemporary

This home was the 10 page feature article in the May issue of SAN DIEGO HOME & GARDEN LIFESTYLES magazine.

This truly was a real life Green Acres!

Gail is from New York City and liked ultra contemporary design and couldn’t wait to update her traditional one story ranch style house. She’s an avid reader of contemporary design magazines and it pained her to see such beautiful design and then come home to an outdated environment. Steve who is a veterinarian and loves the rustic outdoors, wanted a super comfy, animal friendly home to welcome all sorts of guests, invited or not. He wasn’t at all interested in remodeling the existing house, especially if it would become cold and austere.

My job was to figure out a way move forward with a remodel and marry these polar opposite view points. I balanced their two personalities by creating a streamlined contemporary design for Gail and yet outdoorsy, warm and easily cleaned and maintained look for Steve.

They’re both thrilled with the results!!