Leucadia Beach House

My client’s husband had originally installed dark wood paneling on the walls and ceiling and was very proud of his efforts. Years later, after he passed away, Susan was feeling that the house was too dark and dreary, yet she wanted to honor his hard work.

Over the course of months we baby stepped our way through an emotional hurdle and tossed around many ideas for lightening and updating the house without disgarding her husband’s handiwork. So we struck a compromise by dry walling OVER the wood paneling and the dry wall installer took extra care to damage the wood as little as possible. The end result is we kept the actual wood so that it could reclaimed someday if needed and yet created a whole new, fresh look.

The house is right on the beach and the original carpet was thrashed from all the wet, sandy feet of many grandchildren and their friends. The solution was to install a floor that had a thin veneer of real wood but with a clear vinyl layer on top.

Being a world traveler, Susan wanted to incorporate a flavor of ther ravels, so we created an Asian Fusion concept by having custom and handmade cabinets, tables and chairs made in Bali, China and Thailand. The table is a Suar wood slab cut from one tree.

The house now reflects the beautiful surroundings of the beach and Susan’s eclectic taste. She’s thrilled with the results and the grand kids can relax and enjoy the beach!