How it works

The Color Consultation Process

I meet with clients at their home or business. The first part of the consultation is getting to know the client, their style preferences and life style. Then I take about an hour to select paint colors custom tailored for their unique environment and needs. I present my color choices and together we narrow it down and determine the best choices. Then I provide a list of where each color goes and give the client color chips for them to keep.

Because I've owned and operated an architectural and interior design business for 30 years, I'm always looking at the whole picture. So in addition to just choosing paint colors, I offer other quick suggestions for creating a cohesive atmosphere.

This whole process takes about  1  1/2 hours for a brief consultation and about 3 hours for a full consultation. The paint and painting services are provided by a separate company employed by the client. But if the client wants to buy the paint themselves, I pass along my 25% discount. 

Color consultation process